0,66-10 kV Cathodic protection devices, type УКЗ, УКЗН, УКЗВ

Attention: We produce under the order of at least 50 units.


УКЗ, УКЗН, УКЗВ cathodic protection devices (hereinafter called as "The Devices") are intended for protection of underground pipelines and other metallic constructions from electrochemical corrosion.
The devices are DC power supplies with adjustable output voltage (current). The device is powered from the AC 220 V (UKZ, UKZN) and 6 or 10 kV (UKZV). The devices rated power is 0.6 - 5 kW. DC output voltage (depending on the power transformer and connection diagrams) 12/24, 24/48, 48/96 V.